Durlington Court

* images shown are from before the remodel.

When Hyders Construction Inc. was called to take on the project of remodeling a 4,200 square foot house in Sam Ramon, California, they knew they had their work cut out for them. But with an experienced team of builders, creative designers and engineers, and the latest technologies at their disposal, they were confident that they could transform the residence into something truly special. Let’s take a look at how this epic remodel came together!

The goal of Hyders Construction Inc. was to design a beautiful residence that still felt homey and comfortable for the homeowners. To achieve this goal, they started with the layout of the house; reconfiguring it to create more open space while adding additional bedrooms and bathrooms as needed. With all new wiring and plumbing in place, Hyders Construction added modern touches throughout each room in the form of updated lighting fixtures, window treatments and furniture selections.

The real show-stopper however was the kitchen—which was completely redesigned from top to bottom. Working within strict budget constraints, Hyders Construction created an eye-catching focal point by replacing all existing cabinets with beautiful custom pieces in wood grain finishings. They also installed brand new stainless steel appliances throughout and topped off the look with sleek quartz countertops. Every single detail was meticulously planned out before installation—from electrical outlets to cabinet hardware—to give it a cohesive look that would stand out in any home magazine spread!

Hyders Construction Inc also worked hard on making sure that Durlington Court remained energy efficient throughout its transformation. In addition to installing double-paned windows throughout, they made sure that all insulation levels met or exceeded local building codes to ensure maximum efficiency during hotter summer months or colder winter months. They even used LED lighting fixtures where possible so that homeowners could save even more on their electric bill over time!

Durlington Court is just one example of how Hyders Construction Inc can help turn your dream home into reality. By combining modern design elements with energy efficiency measures and working within strict budget constraints —they can create a living space you’ll be proud to call your own! So if you’re looking for a construction company with experience and expertise backed by quality customer service—look no further than Hyders Construction Inc. today!

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