Fernwood Circle

A fresh coat of paint and some new fixtures can go a long way, but when you want to remodel your whole house, you want the job done right. Homeowners in Fernwood Circle wanted to add square footage and comfortability to their home.

About this project

The homeowners wanted to give their home a facelift and a more spacious living area so that’s what we delivered! We remodeled this house in Fernwood Circle by expanding the floor plan by almost 1,500 square feet and replacing all the builder grade materials with high-quality, modern materials such as granite countertops and hardwood floors.

So much more room for activities!

Hyders Construction Inc. removed all old cabinetry from the kitchen and bathrooms, replaced them with modern pieces that seamlessly flowed into the these rooms’ updated spaces. Our team also removed all of the wood floors throughout, replacing it with state-of-the art laminate flooring in a warm chestnut tone that is sure to impress future guests.  

The exterior of this home received an update too! All existing siding was completely stripped off and replaced with high quality stucco accented by charming brick from the original construction. The front door was also swapped out for one that is more energy efficient and more durable than the original. Finally, new windows were installed to complete the look of the exterior.

The challenges we overcame during this project

Remodeling an entire home is a big job, but our team is up to it! We went through many challenges during this project. First of all, the homeowners wanted us to remove their old siding entirely and replace with stucco. This was quite challenging because we had to make sure all of the old pieces were removed properly before the new look could be installed. Additionally, there were several parts that needed patching after removal which presented another challenge for us. However, thanks to our honed craftsmanship, everything came together perfectly in the end!

Another challenge we overcame was switching out hardwood floors with laminate flooring throughout most of the rooms. The wood was already down when they purchased their house, so we had to make sure the new flooring matched it. Our team was able to find a product that not only brought their vision of upgrading home’s energy efficiency and durability to life, but also added a warmth that would have been missing from just a simple paint job or carpet.

Finally, we had some trouble getting our hands on cabinets for the kitchen and bathrooms before work began due to material shortages, which was a challenge because everything had to be installed before walls were repainted! We ended up having them made in another state at an affordable price so despite the time constraints they were met with ease.

What we enjoyed most about this project

The homeowner was thrilled with how smoothly everything went during construction and especially enjoyed their new home living space!   They had envisioned an updated floor plan that would not only provide them with more square footage but also give them some extra room to entertain guests once they moved in. They were extremely pleased with the final product!

We are most proud of our ability to be flexible and work around any problems or issues that may pop up during a home remodel project. We enjoy being able to design our projects to meet each client’s unique vision for their space. Additionally, we value our skill set as craftsman who take pride in executing all aspects of this job professionally from start to finish, no matter how odd or difficult they may seem at first glance.

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