Gilbert Avenue

About this project

There is a good reason why it takes a lot of effort from many different people to build a home. This project in Menlo Park, CA by Hyders Construction proves the point. It took several months and lots of hard work from our crew to change this house into something fresh and modern for its new owners.

Finding extraordinary details beneath the ordinary

We started with taking out walls to make the floorplan more open and inviting. We replaced everything in the kitchen and bathrooms, including cabinets, countertops, appliances, fixtures and even plumbing fixtures! After we were done with those rooms we tackled landscaping too – giving them a backyard that they can enjoy from inside as well as outside on nice days. When guests come over for dinner or drinks, the entire home delivers an abundance of good times.

There have been some common themes to our approach throughout the years we’ve been building: creativity and innovation in design should be combined with hard work and dedication to craftsmanship. One thing that has never changed is that our customers want their homes to be beautiful while also being practical. We take that goal to heart in all of our projects!

What we enjoyed most about this project

We enjoyed the teamwork that went into this project. Working on a project like this was a lot of fun and we’re not only glad to have worked on it, but also to know that it will be appreciated by its new owner for many years.

The most rewarding thing about taking a home and turning it into something even better is how it can improve your daily experience. Each day we get to work with people who share their dreams and aspirations, and that is one of the most rewarding things about our job as general contractors. We love to see those dreams become reality and we’re grateful for every opportunity we get to do so.

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