McCarthy Boulevard

Hyders Construction Inc. is a trusted and experienced construction company that has been building impressive spaces for over two decades. Their latest project, McCarthy Boulevard in Milpitas, CA, is a 45,000 square foot commercial space that showcases their superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. Let’s take a closer look at the project.

Hyders Construction Inc. was called on by Silicon Turnkey Solutions to provide improvements to the McCarthy Boulevard commercial space. This included new offices, manufacturing areas, testing labs and temperature humidity control systems. Special attention was paid to the EST static flooring which needed to be installed correctly due to its integral role in controlling static electricity in sensitive electronics environments.

The team at Hyders Construction Inc. took great care in ensuring that all of the improvements met the highest standards of quality and safety while meeting all regulatory requirements as well. Their commitment to excellence ensured that the project was completed on-time and within budget – something that is not always easy with commercial projects of this size and scope!

The result of this project is an impressive 45,000 sq ft commercial space that not only looks great but also meets all regulatory requirements for safety and durability. The EST static flooring installation is especially noteworthy as it provides an effective shield against static electricity for sensitive electronics environment – something that requires specialized expertise and experience to do correctly and consistently every time!

Hyders Construction Inc., with over two decades of experience in construction projects, continues to impress with their work on McCarthy Boulevard in Silicon Turnkey Solutions’ 45,000 sq ft commercial space complex. Their commitment to excellence ensures that each job meets both safety and aesthetic standards while staying within budget and on schedule – no easy task! With their extensive portfolio of successful projects ranging from residential homes to corporate spaces across multiple industries, they have earned their reputation as one of California’s leading home builders!

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