Monticello Terrace

About this project

This project is a custom home off of Monticello Terrace in Fremont, CA. It features an indoor swimming pool, private putting green, multiple master suites, a home theater and a stunning view of California’s beautiful scenery!

The luxury of a custom home

A custom home is a home that’s built on the specifications of the person who will be living in it. It can be designed to include anything from specific paint colors to materials that are used. The benefits of having a custom home are that you don’t have to live with any of the little things that bother you about your current house. This includes things like cramped spaces, low ceilings, crooked kitchen cabinets, etc.

Like most of the builds at Hyders Construction, the Monticello project is extremely high end, extremely well decorated and completely unique from any other homes in the neighborhood or nearby vicinity. A client would want to have this type of set up in their home for the purpose of entertaining guests and living a lavish life. People who have visited this home were blown away by the decor, size of the rooms, amenities it has and our attention to detail.

What we enjoyed most about this project

One of the things we enjoyed most about this project was how this home was the epitome of luxury. With a swimming pool inside, private putting green, and a stunning view of California’s beautiful scenery, it made it the perfect setting for any social gathering. We also loved designing a state-of-the-art home for our client to use that they will enjoy for years to come.

However, the most rewarding aspect of this project were the relationships we developed over the course of its construction. Like many of our past projects, we worked closely with our client and subcontractors to make it happen. When you spend so much time together, you make lasting friendships that we’ve been able to continue to grow years after the completion of this project. That’s something truly special!

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