Mountain View Remodel

Look at the difference that just countertops, cabinets, and paint can have on your kitchen. Your dream kitchen is probably not as far away as you imagined.

About this project

We were resurfacing the kitchen and renovating two bathrooms in this home. The homeowner wanted to do a more serious flip on the bathrooms meanwhile keeping the transition simple in the kitchen. This is a good option because then you do not go too long without a kitchen, and it keeps your costs down! The bathroom was a more serious flip considering that we transitioned from a tub/shower combination to just a shower. We completely flipped one full bath and one half bath. This was a relatively quick project still and everything went pretty smooth.

There was some difficulty getting material, as everyone is facing. However, if you know you want a job done we can make sure we get all the material in before we start! That way you should not have to worry about the job stopping half way waiting on material. This is a great option to make sure your job is done quick and efficiently. Call and book ahead to make sure we have plenty of time to get the material in!

Something to Consider if You’re Debating a Remodel

Did you know that renovating kitchen and bathrooms are where you will see the biggest jump in home value? It is true! Thats why is it always a good idea to invest in a nicer kitchen and bathroom. On top of that it will make your day to day living so much easier and convenient. It may seem easier to move, since we understand how living through construction can be difficult. However, the increase home value that you will see from doing renovation yourself is worth it! Plus, the ability to be able to customize your home to exactly how you want is unmatchable! Make your home exactly how you want, give us a call!

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