MPMLA Colony

About this project

We are proud to share this construction project from when our owner lived in India before Hyders Construction existed as we know it today. This custom build in Jubilee Hills was full of innovation and design with respect to the local culture. Some of the elements that stand out are the ornate, double front door made of solid wood, and the spiral staircase.

Sophistication on multiple levels

This building was built on three levels, each joined by a custom spiral staircase. We incorporated lots of open air to provide better ventilation and freshness. The common areas are between the ground floor level and second floor, where the activity of family life is happening.

The sleeping area on the top level consists of large bedrooms with lots of open windows to let in natural light. The ceiling was composed of an impressive, wood vault. There was also an outside terrace with enough space to entertain. This way our client can enjoy their company indoors -or out- all year long.

What we enjoyed most about this project

This house was special to us because it was designed with innovations in mind. It was also one of the best projects we worked on in India. We made a lot of sacrifices to finally be able to win this project and build it from the ground up. In some ways, it wasn’t just a project for a client – but a project for ourselves. We spent many years perfecting our craft and working on building projects as a general contractor. We also love how close it was to everything, which made getting around easy. Our client loved living in the house and making all sorts of memories with their family.

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