Pleasant Knoll Court

Have you ever been curious about the projects that construction companies don’t get to finish? Here is one such story, and it involves Hyders Construction Inc. and our architectural design plan for a massive, octagon-shaped home on a hill. This two-story structure was to have a daylight basement and roof terrace with a courtyard in the center. It’s unclear why this project was canceled but its story is worth telling.

The Octagon-Shaped Home

The octagon-shaped home that Hyders Construction Inc. had planned was an ambitious undertaking. Its two stories were built atop a hill with an enormous terrace at the top level and floor-to-ceiling windows at each corner of the second story, making for breathtaking views in all directions. The first floor housed three bedrooms and two bathrooms as well as a spacious kitchen and living area that overflowed from one room into another. The house featured plenty of natural light thanks to the large windows throughout as well as skylights in each bedroom and bathroom.

At the center of the house was an open courtyard surrounded by columns, where one could sit outside on warmer days or just enjoy being surrounded by nature without feeling too exposed to the elements. A staircase led down to the daylight basement level where there were several more rooms that could be used for storage, office space, or whatever else one might need extra space for.

Unfortunately, this project never came to fruition as it was eventually canceled due to unknown circumstances leaving behind only images of what could have been an impressive structure. Even though this ambitious design never made it past paper, it serves as an example of how creative ideas can take shape when given enough space to grow—even if they don’t come to completion in the end.

Hyders Construction Inc.’s octagon-shaped home on a hill may never have been built but its design stands out as an example of ambition and creativity nonetheless. Even though we may never know why this project was canceled or what may have been if it had gone through, we can still appreciate the vision that went into planning such an extraordinary structure—and marvel at what might have been if fate had taken another turn! Hopefully, other construction companies will take inspiration from this project and use it to create equally impressive structures!

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