San Ramon Remodel

Making little changes gives you the power to make a house feel like your own! Also, matching the theme of your home from room to room can give it the right mood!

About this project

The homeowners wanted to give their home a facelift, and to make it feel like their own. They wanted to add new innovative features to make them excited to get ready for the day, or to lay down and relax. Changing any and everything helped them fall in love with their home all over again.

New Features = New Fun!

Hyders Construction Inc. completely remodeled every aspect of this family’s bathroom. New flooring, new cabinets, repainting/texturing the walls, new countertops, shower tile, and much more!

The new shower head has a removable feature, which can be helpful! It can also help the family get better water pressure. They also added all-new vanity mirrors that will make getting ready incredibly easy in the morning!

The challenges we overcame during this project

Something that was difficult to do, but shows the skills of our team, was the wall details. Doing a paint job like this is incredibly challenging. Additionally, the tile detailing on the bathtub. Our team ensured that it would look smooth and consistent even with an alternating pattern. This was not easy to do – but our team is up for any task!

Our team complete gutted and redid every aspect of this master bathroom. Although the features are in the same space, you can see that nothing is the same. This takes planning, timing, and skills on behalf of our team. They did amazing, and we could not be more proud!

As always, materials were difficult to get our hands on. Luckily we have great relationships with our suppliers to ensure we get material we need as soon as possible! We do any and everything we can to get projects done on time.

What we enjoyed most about this project

For this project, the team really enjoyed seeing the final results. It was rewarding to completely gut the bathrooms and see them come out so beautifully. It really shows off the skill and quality of our team. They were also proud in the amount of time we were able to complete the project. Completely gutting a bathroom is not a quick job. However, thanks to our crews flexibility and skills, we completed this job quickly and confidently. We were excited to welcome the family back to their beautiful, newly-renovated home!

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