Santa Margarita (ADU)

About this project

This construction project is a remodel and ADU of a home in Menlo Park that turned out stunning. The homeowner wanted more natural light and open spaces to sit. We accomplished this by removing some walls, reinforcing the structure and adding a bunch of modern features to the interior.

Making the most of unused space

The amazing transformation was done with care not to disturb anything on the outside like trees or fences – everything you see when you walk up is new but old at once. It’s hard to believe it’s not all brand new because no one would be able to tell by looking at it!

We were able to modernize the interior by making it as comfortable as possible adding soft, out-of-the-way furnishings that fit with the overall aesthetic. The homeowners wanted a little more space for entertaining so we added another office/den that all worked together cohesively inside the current structure.

The fully finished interior is where you can see how much work went into this project. With a marble counters, wood flooring, and LED under-cabinet lighting throughout the kitchen island area – it’s a stunning space!

The exterior was upgraded with a beautiful custom built patio, elegant outdoor fire pit and seating area. The landscaping – complete with grasses and perennial flower beds – is very low maintenance and adds even more appeal to what has become an amazing backyard oasis that you could see yourself relaxing in all weekend long.

What we enjoyed most about this project

This house is unique because it’s a remodel and an ADU (accessory dwelling unit) all-in-one. We had to take into consideration the views, the space outside the structure, and the features inside which is not typical for this type of project. We also worked with the city of Menlo Park because this house was already built so it added a few challenges throughout the project. The amazing transformation was done with care not to disturb anything on the outside like trees or fences. We think it turned out great!

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