Santa Margarita

About this project

One of our recent projects was a new construction that we designed with natural light and modern finishes throughout. This project also included an amazing back yard with a home theater for when the weather isn’t nice!

Check out these photos to see how we were able to make this house feel like home!

We’re open about our love for natural light

One of our main goals for their new home was to make it feel as big and open as possible. This was made possible by creating a bright, airy space with plenty of windows through out. We achieved this goal with numerous skylights and perfect window placement throughout the home! We also provided an amazing back yard that’s complemented by a home theater for rainy days.

We took care to consider every detail in the design of this custom house that we built, all while keeping our client’s needs in mind. We also had one key construction project day where we let our client give us guidance on how they would like their countertops and living room designed. They really enjoyed being involved and taking this journey with us to create their dream home!

This custom home in Menlo Park, CA by Hyders Construction is a perfect example of what you can create when you put your mind to it. We created a modern build complete with marble countertops, tile floors and lots of natural light to create an inviting space that feels much larger than it is! This was made possible by large skylights and dozens of large windows throughout.

What we enjoyed most about this project

One of the things we loved about this project was the design consultations we were able to do with our client. They really enjoyed being involved in the process and giving us feedback on decisions they were making for their future home.

It was great to see how they reacted when they finally saw all of the work that had gone into their project! It’s moments like these that make every construction job worth it.

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