Turquoise Street #2

About this project

When the owners of Turquoise Street #2 in Milpitas, California decided it was time for a remodel, they called Hyders Construction Inc., knowing that their 40-year-old office space was in need of an upgrade. Not only did they want to give their space a facelift, but they also wanted to make sure that it was code compliant and up to modern building standards. And after Hyders completed the project, that’s exactly what they got—a completely renovated 17,000 sq. ft. office space. Let’s take a closer look at Hyders Construction Inc.’s renovation of Turquoise Street #2.

The Complete Remodel

Hyders Construction Inc. started off by tearing out all of the old materials and replacing them with modern features and finishes. They installed updated flooring in the lobby area and new hardwood floors throughout the rest of the space, as well as energy efficient light fixtures and windows to help keep costs down. In addition to these structural upgrades, Hyders also updated all the plumbing and HVAC systems so that everything ran efficiently and was up to code compliance standards. Plus, they even added extra safety materials such as smoke detectors and fire suppression systems for added security.

Code Compliance Updates

With any construction project there are always code compliance requirements that must be met in order for the final product to pass inspection—and this remodel was no different. Fortunately, Hyders Construction Inc.’s team was well-versed in these regulations so they were able to seamlessly incorporate all of the necessary features without compromising on their design aesthetic or construction timeline. They made sure that every detail was accounted for including installing ADA compliant ramps in public areas as well as hand rails along staircases for added safety measures. Additionally, they updated all electrical systems to meet current standards while adding additional outlets throughout the building so that each room had access to power sources when needed

At the end of their renovation project at Turquoise Street #2 in Milpitas, Hyders Construction Inc.’s team had successfully transformed a dated office space into one with modern amenities and up-to-date code compliance regulations—all within their timeline and budget guidelines. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence is second-to-none which makes them an ideal choice for anyone looking for experienced home builders who can get the job done right! If you’re looking for remodeling services or general construction work then contact Hyders Construction Inc today! You won’t regret it!

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