Veterinary Colony

About this project

The best way to start a post is with a story. And this one starts in India, where we were building a beautiful house for a local family.

A modern castle in the hills

The project was the one of the last Hyders Construction had built in India and it was possibly the most elaborate. It came with many ornate features, such as a wood paneled spiral staircase and elaborate chandeliers. The home’s location was ideal because it could be seen from every direction and had stunning views of Hyderabad.

It looks as though it could have been taken from the pages of a fairy tale. The view from this castle-like structure is breath taking and from every angle you can see Hyderabad below you.

Our most intricate build in India has character coming out of every corner. It was a beautiful sight to behold with all the windows showcasing a breathtaking city. Not only did it look impressive on the outside but also on the inside where we made sure to include as many features that enhanced its beauty for those who occupied it.

It is a beautiful house that we had the privilege of building… it’s a testament to our experience working with Indian culture and custom homes. Not only was the interior great, but the outdoor landscaping was just as nice. Since this was one of our last projects in India, we already knew what most clients wanted and everything went really smooth.

What we enjoyed most about this project

We’ve been able to build many unique homes from around the world, but this particular project stands out as one of the more ornate ones we’ve seen. It had a gorgeous view of Hyderabad from every angle and came with multiple impressive features.

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